Creative Seafoods Produce


Cod fillets – Superb quality boneless, skinless fillets packaged singly, in pairs or any multiple you order.

Cod loins – Boneless, skinless chunky loins packaged as above.

Creative Cod – Loins marinated with lime, ginger and coriander – packaged in 2s

Creative Cajun – Loins marinated with Cajun spices and red peppers – packaged in 2s

Creative kebabs – Generous chunks of cod loin, salmon, peppers and apricot, ready for grill or barbecue – 2 skewers per pack


Haddock Fillets – Lovely clean boneless fish, skin on or off. Individually vac-packed in convenient 220g (approx.) or 8oz portions.


Silver Hake Fillets – Beautifully chunky boneless portions packaged in 2s as either loins or tails. Ready to bake, grill, pan or deep fry.

Capensis Hake Fillets – The South Atlantic (Cape) version of the above supplied as boneless and skinless fillets packaged in 2s.

Creative Hake – Cape Hake Fillets marinated in lemon, black pepper and dill. Packaged in 2s.


Halibut Loin – Boneless, firm textured halibut loin steaks packaged in 2s.


Monkfish tails – Meaty and firm, prime boneless and skinless portions. Packaged in 2s.


Plaice fillets – White fleshed, boneless fillets individually vac-packed, ready to bake, poach, grill or pan-fry.

Lemon Sole fillets – Succulent firm-fleshed fillets individually vac-packed.

Dover Sole – Uniquely flavoured and firm-fleshed. Whole fish cleaned and vac-packed, with or without the dark top skin.


Wild Seabass – From 500g to 2kg, headless, cleaned and scaled and individually vac-packed.

Seabass fillets – Boned and scaled, vac-packed in 2s ready to pan fry or bake.

Creative Seabass – Boneless, scaled fillets marinated in lemon and herb seasoning. Packaged in 2s.

Gilt Head Seabream (Dorade) – Whole fish, headless, cleaned, scaled and individually vac-packed.

Dorade fillets – Boned and scaled, vac-packed in 2s.


Tuna Loin – Fresh, skinless, boneless first grade sashimi tuna loin steaks packed in 2s ready to grill, barbecue or pan fry.

Creative Tuna kebabs – Generous chunks of tuna with courgette, peppers and lime, ideal for barbecue or grill. 2 Skewers per pack.


Swordfish loins – Meaty, boneless, trimmed swordfish steaks packed in 2s.

Creative Swordfish – Boneless swordfish supremes marinated in lemon pepper seasoning with lime leaves. Packaged in 2s.

Marlin loin – Firm, boneless, skinless loin steaks. Packaged in 2s.


Whole Salmon – Cleaned, scaled and vac-packed.

Salmon Sides – Boned, scales, trimmed and vac-packed.

Salmon Supremes – Boneless, trimmed loin of salmon fillets. Packaged in 2s ready to bake, poach, grill or pan-fry.

Creative Salmon – Boneless salmon supremes marinated in lemon zest and thyme or ground ginger and orange.

Creative kebabs – Chunks of boneless, skinless salmon, cod loin, peppers and apricots, ideal for grill or barbecue. 2 Skewers per pack.


Rainbow Trout – Whole trout cleaned and vac-packed singly.

Rainbow fillets – Single rainbow trout ‘butterflied’, head off, cleaned, filleted and opened out, vac-packed singly.

Wild Sea Trout – Whole fish cleaned and vac-packed singly.

Wild Sea Trout Sides – Boned, scaled, trimmed and vac-packed singly.

Sea-reared Rainbows – Large fish supplied whole or in sides as wild sea-trout.


Pollock – Superb cod alternative, boneless, skinless fillets individually vac-packed.

Brill – North Sea flatfish fillets, individually vac-packed.

Turbot – North Sea Turbot fillets – ideal with a champagne sauce!

Skate – Thick wings individually vac-packed.

Mackerel – Whole fish cleaned or butterflied (head off, boneless and opened out) individually vac-packed.

Sardines – Whole gutted sardines, vac-packed in 4s.

Red Mullet – Whole fish cleaned and individually vac-packed.

John Dory – South West Coast, whole fish cleaned and vac-packed.

Squid – Whole squid cleaned and packaged singly.

CREATIVE PIE MIX – Proper pieces of skinless, boneless fresh salmon, cod, hake and smoked haddock/cod. Also ideal for fish curries and stews and packed approximately 350g.

CREATIVE SEAFOOD SALAD – Squid, cuttlefish, octopus and infused in a garlic, spiced vinaigrette oil. 200g tubs.

CREATIVE SEAFOOD GRILL – Medley of 4 fresh skinless, boneless pieces of tuna, cod loin, salmon and swordfish with black pepper and parsley.


Natural smoked haddock – Boneless, smoked, undyed loins or fillets. Packaged in 2s.

Smoked Cod – Traditional ‘yellow fish’, boneless, skinless loins or fillets. Packaged in 2s.

Smoked Mackerel – Plump, plain or peppered fillets ready to eat and vac-packed in 2s.

Kippers – Plump light cured kippers, vac-packed in pairs.

Smoked Salmon – Long or diagonal sliced smoked Scottish salmon in 100g or 900g vac-packs.

Roast Salmon – Hot smoked, honey-glazed oak roast salmon, vac-packed as full sides or portions – ready to eat.

Fresh Shellfish

CRAB AND LOBSTER – Whitby and North East prime crab and lobster delivered to us daily within 24/36 hours of catch.

Crab Claws – Large meaty cooked claws approx. 1kg. Vac-packed.

Crabmeat – Cooked white crab meat in 225g packs.

Dressed Crab – Beautifully presented cooked dressed crab with no additives, packaged singly.

Lobster – Live native lobster delivered boxed on ice – up to 2kg or freshly boiled whole lobster packaged depending on size.

Langoustines – Fresh boiled lobster-like shellfish, also known as scampi or Dublin Bay prawns. Delicious. Vac-packed in 6s.

King Scallops – Superb, large dived Orkney or Hebridean Scallops with corals. Packaged at 250g minimum weight.

Queen Scallops – Smaller, sweet Manx queenies, packaged at 250g minimum weight.

Oysters – Fresh, medium or large oysters in ½ dozens, vac-packed.

Potted Shrimps – The finest from Morecambe Bay – 57g, 100g and 200g pots.

Brown Shrimps – Boiled and peeled North Sea brown shrimps in 100g packs.

Crayfish – Sweet creel caught cray tails in brine 130g pots or 900g tubs.

King Prawns – King Prawn tails in brine.


Gourmet Fishcakes – Our highly popular, luxury fishcake range.

Handmade with minimum 50% fish (not minced up!) with locally grown potatoes, herbs and spices. No additives or preservatives.

Salmon, lemon and dill

Cod, lemon and parsley

Cod and Cajun spices

Tuna, sweet chilli and ginger

Swordfish, lime and thyme

Smoked mackerel with horseradish

Smoked haddock and chive

Creative Pate – Plain honest smoked mackerel or salmon pate with spices. No additives or preservatives. 100g pots.


Fresh seafood landing prices vary day to day, due mainly to demand and availability.

We take advantage of the variations to bring you the best fish at the best prices, so we don’t add contingencies to provide a ‘standard’ price list.

Please rest assured, we are highly competitive and a quick contact from yourself will provide the current price – please phone or email to enquire.

We do home and market delivery, on all the following products. To place an order, please visit our ordering and delivery page.

Packaging and Labelling

Nearly all our goods are supplied either vac-packed or in heat sealed microwave and oven compatible trays. Ideal for odourless fridge or freezer storage and no soggy paper to go in the bin!

All packages are delivered labelled with prices, packing and use-by dates.

Fresh stock is good in fridge for 6 days from packaging unless otherwise stated.